‘Going Pro in Life’

Former Churchill athlete publishes book on life after sports.

Andy Dinkin, who grew up in Potomac and found his life in athletics, recently launched “Going Pro in Life,” a book and seminar designed to help student athletes create a strategy for landing a job after college.

“I spent my entire childhood in Potomac – Beverly Farms, Hoover, Churchill. Playing high school football at Churchill for legendary Coach Fred Shepherd changed my life and is by far the highlight of my life in Potomac,” Dinkin said.

“I was an all-state player and earned a football scholarship to UNC-Chapel Hill. When I graduated college, I decided to stay in North Carolina, and I’ve lived in Charlotte ever since.”

Dinkin said playing football taught him the importance of preparation, teamwork, effective communication, discipline, perseverance, and above all, the power of having a positive attitude.

“Since entering the workforce in 1992, I’ve used these skills to achieve success as a salesman, senior executive, business owner, nonprofit board member, and commercial real estate broker and developer. I am passionate about passing along what I learned under [UNC football coach Mack Brown], such a gifted college coach and UNC’s support staff to help many other college athletes across the country make the most of their vital time in college.”

In his forward to “Going Pro in Life,” Coach Brown wrote, “Andy Dinkin has done a great service to young athletes everywhere. Although they don’t think of it now, in a few years most of them will no longer be playing in stadiums and arenas for thousands of people; they will be earning a living some other way. It is my fervent hope that you read and implement the ideas in this book and share them with others.”

Dinkin said he still remains close with [Churchill High School] Coach Shepherd and his family, as well as dozens of friends from high school.

“I have been to every single high school reunion, every 5 years for the past 30.”

Dinkin’s book can be purchased via Amazon or directly from the website, https://goingproinlife.com, where you can also enroll in the Career Development Seminar.

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