Fault! in Montgomery County

Wind gusts toppled two white pines on top of two cars at River Falls tennis courts last Friday, April 30, a sight common around Potomac and the county on Friday after winds reached 60 miles per hour.

Elsewhere, Pete Piringer, county fire and rescue public information officer, posted photos of:

A large tree that fell on a house at Newington and Marengo roads in Bethesda and a “less than hot” tin roof that blew off a house on Golden Ash Way in Kentlands.

Crews from Montgomery County Fire and Rescue respond to more than 100 calls for service, mostly weather related, that included a couple of brush fires, a few collisions and some medical calls.

River Falls Community Center Association removed the two fallen trees as well as two additional trees that appeared to be leaning precariously after Friday’s storm.

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