900 Apartments Coming To The Town Of Herndon

Quadrangle reports that Office Tower 1 in the Town of Herndon will rise 19 stories to a height of 275 feet.

Quadrangle reports that Office Tower 1 in the Town of Herndon will rise 19 stories to a height of 275 feet.

When Quadrangle Development Corporation builds its two office towers in the Town of Herndon, they will be the tallest buildings ever constructed within the town’s boundaries. As Silver Line Metro riders head toward Dulles International Airport, the towers will soar skyward. The 28-acre site is located off Herndon Parkway, 0.4 miles from the Metro Silver Line's Herndon Station, at the parkway's intersection with Fairbrook Drive.

Quadrangle Development Corporation is promoting Fairbrook Park's upcoming transit-oriented mixed-use community in the Town of Herndon. A new sign was recently posted at the intersection of Fairbrook Drive and Herndon Parkway, the community's entrance, announcing the arrival of 900 luxury apartments and retail. None of the apartments are designated affordable dwelling units or income-restricted for low-income renters.

On its website, Quadrangle describes the property as two high-rise office towers designed by DCS Design to achieve LEED Silver Certification, which will sit on a three-story concrete podium with 1,955 garage parking spaces. Office Tower 1 will have 360,000 rentable square feet and rise 19 stories to 275 feet. Office Tower 2 will be approximately 240,000 rentable square feet and rise 13 stories to about 170 feet.

The two eight-story residential buildings will have 410,000 and 470,000 square feet of space, respectively, with 10,000 square feet of ground-floor retail and 10,000 square feet of daycare space. An 80,088-square-foot office building is currently occupying the by-right property.

Provision and contributions On Nov. 17, 2020, the Herndon Town Council approved Resolution 20-G-54 to approve with condition Special Exception SE #17-03 pertaining to applicant Fairbrook Business Parks. Among the conditions is providing a 2000-square-foot space as an undeveloped shell for the proposed "nature center/public space" to the Town of Herndon, rent-free for the first ten years and two five-year leases afterward. The town and the applicant will mutually agree on the specific use of the space.

Other contributions to the town include $900 per residential unit for off-site recreational facilities to offset the capacity impact on the town's current facilities; $25,000 for each of the two buildings 3 and 4 (residential) for public safety and facility needs; and $12,262 per expected student to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for transfer to the School Board for capital improvements to schools that serve the town.


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