All Aboard

Tall Ship Providence returns to city waterfront.

The Tall Ship Providence made its return to Alexandria June 1 with preparations in place for the opening of the new Senator John Warner Maritime Heritage Center, which will serve as the home port for the Providence.

“We are excited to open to the public for tours beginning June 17 in conjunction with the Portside in Old Town Festival,” said Clair Sussin, President and CEO of the Tall Ship Providence Foundation. “Public and private sailings begin June 18.”

The ship returned to Alexandria following a two-month stay in Georgetown, Md., in northeastern Kent County where it underwent various maintenance updates. Its permanent home is located in front of Waterfront Park just south of King Street. In addition to dockside tours, Tall Ship Providence will offer sunset sails, specialty sails and private charters. The Maritime Heritage Center will also be available as a venue rental.

“The tours are a super fun, interactive experience,” Sussin said. “Every guest gets a card and will have a role to play as they step back in time and are greeted by Captain John Paul Jones. The tour includes the education center and a viewing of the Naval history theater video ‘Providence: Dawn of the US Navy.’”

The Tall Ship Providence Foundation purchased the ship in August of 2017 with the mission to create a floating museum to educate visitors on the role Providence and the Continental Navy played in the American Revolution. Providence was the first ship authorized by the Continental Congress for the Continental Navy, the first ship to bring Marines to foreign soil and the first American command of legendary Captain John Paul Jones.

In addition, Providence appeared in two of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. The Maritime Heritage Center will feature an Education Center, a Naval History Theater, an Observation Deck, Ticket Office and Gift Shop.

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