Juneteenth Films in Potomac


Juneteenth Films

Throughout the history of film, it has been the movies that have offered some of the most vivid depictions of the African American experience. The Juneteenth Scotland Foundation is proud to partner with the American Film Institute in Silver Spring to showcase five transformational movies. All the films will include post-screening panel discussions with directors, VIPs, and other experts.

American Film Institute Silver Theater and Cultural Center

8633 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring

All shows $8.

American Film Institute

Silver Theatre and Cultural Center

8633 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910



Mon, Jun 19, 2:30

The film tells the story of how three racially-segregated Methodist churches in Montgomery County — two white and one black — merged into one in the wake of Dr. King's assassination 

Film panel: TBD



Mon, Jun 19, 11:30 a.m.

Also screens Mon, Jun 19, 6:45; Tue, Jun 20, 6:45; Wed, Jun 21, 6:45

Top baseball pitcher Bingo Long (Billy Dee Williams) is fed up with how his Negro League team owner treats him, so he forms his own lineup, recruiting big-hitting Leon Carter (James Earl Jones) and Charlie Snow (Richard Pryor), who dreams of playing in the majors. 

Post-screening panel discussion with Milt Thompson (13-year MLB star raised on the Black Sandlots of Emory Grove), Billy Gordon (historian of Montgomery’s Black Sandlots) and Bruce Adams (president of Bethesda Community Base Ball Club



Tue, Jun 20, 7:10; Wed, Jun 21, 9:00; Thu, June 22, 9:15

Alarmed at the number of young Black men around her dying, brash Oakland art student Pica begins taking photographs to preserve their existence. She forms a new friendship and is drawn into the search for a serial killer.

Note: the film also screens as part of Recent Restorations



Wed, Jun 21, 7:10; Thu, Jun 22, 5:00

In Alma’s Rainbow, the Brooklyn daughter (Victoria Gabriella Platt) of a beauty-parlor owner (Kim Weston-Moran) blossoms under the influence of her show-biz aunt (Mizan Nunes). In Hair Piece, we find an animated satire on the question of self image for African American women living in a society where beautiful hair is viewed as hair that blows in the wind and lets you be free.

Note: the film also screens as part of Recent Restorations


SLAM (1998)

Mon, Jun 19, 9:00; Tue, Jun 20, 9:00; Thu, Jun 22, 7:10

Ray Joshua (Saul Williams), a talented black poet from the Washington, D.C., projects, is arrested on petty drug charges and thrown into the black hole that is the D.C. jail. There he meets the two people who can redirect his life.

Note: the film also screens as part of Recent Restorations