Less Lethal Shotguns: They Shoot Beanbags

In the Spring of 2023, FCPD’s Law Enforcement Training unit took another step forward in its less-lethal options in policing by transitioning and equipping all the department’s patrol officers with less-lethal shotguns.

Prior to March, every police cruiser was equipped with a 12-gauge shotgun as a use-of-force option. In an effort to give officers, FCPD reviewed the data, discussed use-case issues, surveyed patrol districts, and determined that to give the department more less-lethal options, shotguns could be better utilized in a less-lethal capacity. 

This new solution provides officers with an additional option they can use when faced with less-lethal use situations.

In the months it took to safely make this transition across the department, FCPD took 800 shotguns out of circulation and has now put 630 less-lethal beanbag shotguns into use.

The new less-lethal shotguns are similar in weight, size, and appearance to the original patrol shotgun but look very different. These shotguns are now outfitted with a bright orange stock, fore-end, and large “Less Lethal” lettering on the stock. This color change will provide officers with an awareness that the shotguns are equipped with a less-lethal beanbag projectile.

Officers, who were all required to go through training on the use of the less-lethal shotgun before being allowed to use it, are taught the appropriate targeted areas for deployment to help eliminate major injuries. 

Source: FCPD Release Verbatim