Basic Rules of Flag Etiquette

As we approach the Fourth of July, I'd like to suggest that we

all try to observe the basic rules of flag etiquette. These are the ones

that seem to be violated the most frequently:

- Display the flag only when the sun is shining; don't leave it out at

night or in the rain.

- Never let the flag touch the ground. Punching a row of little flags on

sticks into the ground at the front of your yard may seem patriotic, but

it's disrespectful if any parts of the flags themselves drag on the

ground and/or if they're abandoned there to slowly fade and


- The flag is the flag, not a decorative item. Its image doesn't belong

on hats, shirts, swimsuits, towels, party napkins, or -- well, anything

(other than military/police uniform items, perhaps).

Jeff Carver