Colorful Planter Beds Planned for Town of Vienna

Residents can view and discuss plans on June 29.

Residents, business owners, and community members of the Town of Vienna are invited to attend an information session on Thursday, June 29, at 6:30 p.m. for a presentation by LSG Landscape Architecture, contracted by the town. They will showcase their design proposals for 81 landscape planters on Maple Avenue and 46 on Church Street. The designers found and stated in their proposed streetscape designs, “Beds range from bare soil to fully vegetated.” However, designs are “irregular and lack repetition.”

The Vienna Town Council heard a presentation on the conceptual design at its June 20 meeting.

According to a statement released by Vienna Park and Recreation Director Leslie Herman, homeowners are well aware of the significance of curb appeal, particularly when they are looking to put their homes on the market. "We’re working with the Town’s economic development department to create a similar dynamic to create a welcoming, vibrant commercial area that attracts residents and visitors and ‘sell’ them on supporting local businesses," Herman said.

Designers at Thursday’s meeting will answer questions and gather feedback. They will find any necessary solutions before starting work. The new plants are expected to be in place by the end of November. If all goes as planned, the commercial corridor’s planters will begin to burst with color next spring. The meeting is being held at the Vienna Community Center, 120 Cherry St., SE, Vienna.