Cereal Is Not Just for Breakfast

New food place in the Springfield Town Center is all about cereal.

A new kid on the block snack-wise is the Day & Night Cereal Bar, in the Springfield Town Center, featuring cereals, milkshakes, and other sweet treats. Unicorn Breath Cupcakes were on display opening day. “They are made with butter cream and Fruity Pebbles,” said co-owner Brandi Forte.

She’s running the place with Noel Warner, the other co-owner, and this bar is focusing on the sweet cereals that seemed to hit the market back in the 1970s. “The whole concept is “cereal for lunch, cereal for dinner,” Forte said.

“It’s innovative, never heard about anything like this before,” added Warner, “it’s fun.” Maybe that’s what the area needs these days, something that’s fun, and it might just be at the Day & Night Cereal Bar.

The shop is a walk-up fast food place on the north end of the town center near Target. There are about 25 boxes of cereal up on the wall, and anything goes as far as mixing flavors. There are bowls of cereal ($8), shakes ($10) and cereal bars ($6) available.

Day & Night Cereal Bar is a corporate food establishment and other locations in this area include a location at 1100 S Hayes Street in Arlington, as well as locations in Los Angeles, Charlotte, NC, Clarksburg, Md. and Rock Hill, SC. Karmon Dupree Jr. is one of the founders and came in to train the staff at the Springfield Town Center location.